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  • We maintain a high criterion of safety and quality in operations at competitive rates to our customers, which has always been a Rusianto Bersaudara's promise.



Spreading our network locations to provide our customers more coverage, we have branched out into strategic locations to offer value-added regional support.

With each branch specializing in different areas of services based on geographical strengths, not only can we reach out futher but have also boldy explored into different business cultures.

The positive expansion of Rusianto Bersaudara offices regionally have proven our keen business foresight and strategies that will work for the benefit of our customers.



Individuals interested in a career with us can submit a resume with a recent photograph (non-returnable) and stating expected salary.

Please note that all information provided shall be kept confidential and only short-listed applicants will be notified. Thank you.

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About RB

Mr Rusianto (alias Ong To Tji) founded PT Perusahaan Pelayaran Rusianto Bersaudara in 1989 and operated with a few tugs and barges transporting logs. We have since strived from those few tugs and barges to own an arsenal of 86 tugboats and 91 barges transporting mainly coal in the Indonesia waters to meet today's booming coal industry demands.

Evidently, our service attitudes and quality provided by all our staff has been awarded with the ISO 9001 System Certification.

It is our vision to become the most innovative company, which prides itself as a fair partner, providing services with excellence.

  • Quality transportation and services to our customers
  • Be a professional and reliable market leader
  • Ensure satisfaction of customers, shareholders and employees alike
  • Benefit the environment and society

In a trade where trust and prompt delivery is critical to our customers, we strongly believe in being an integral part of our customer's business operations - through professional services, we deliver our customer's business operations through any weather timely.

As business is conducted in a harsh environtment daily, we value the relationships built with our customers - it is our customers continued support that keeps paving the future for us.

Through a conservative management over all financial affairs, we are able to remain stable and steady in growth. As such, we are able to constantly keep abreast with the latest in technology and equipment for the benefit of our customers.

Management is committed to:

  • Provide the best service to meet customer needs and satisfaction
  • Improve the quality of human resources :mental, physical, spiritual and skills work efficiently and effectively in the organizations
  • Perform the work system with continueous improvement to meet all applicable regulations


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Jalan Nakhoda No. 23, Samarinda 75113 Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia
Tel (+62) 0541 748 551 / 735 967
CP: Mr Deky Rusianto, Director. (dekyong[at]

Jalan Telkom, Pangkalan Sungai Lais, Samarinda 75113 Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia
Tel (+62) 0541 707 9086
CP: Mr Edy Rusianto, Director. (edy[at]
CP: Mr Murjoko (joko[at]

Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said Blok X-5 Kav 13, Menara Cyber 2, Floor 21-C Jakarta 12950 Indonesia
Tel (+62) 21 300 26606
CP: Ms Heppy Herawaty, Marketing Director. ([at]
CP: Ms Enie Andriani (enie[at] and CC to (marketing.mgr[at]

The Grand Banua Citywalk S11-12. Jalan Ahmad Yani KM 11,8 Banjarmasin 70652, Kalimanatan Selatan Indonesia
Tel (+62) 511 674 6078
CP: Tatang Yuswo Widodo (tatang[at]